Whenever you upload data on a web hosting server, it takes an amount of space on the hard disk dependent on its particular size. In the event that you manage a script-driven website which saves its data in a database, it will require more space, the more people use it. To give an example, in the event that you have a discussion board, the greater number of responses people leave, the greater the database gets. E-mails, particularly ones using attachments, also require some space in the web hosting account. The HDD space quota that you get with your cloud website hosting provider is the total amount of data you may have at any given moment, it incorporates site files, e-mails and databases. Similarly, a personal computer has a hard disk and the computer software installed on it and all the docs or music files that you create or download require storage, which can't exceed the total capacity of the hard disk drive.
Disk Space in Cloud Website Hosting
We have designed our cloud website hosting services with the notion that the hdd storage won't be a problem for your sites. While many hosting providers make accounts using one server, and in fact, the most common Control Panels are intended to function solely on this kind of platform, we've used a different strategy. We have groups of servers that manage each element of the hosting service, so that your files will be stored on a single cluster, your emails on another,your databases on a third one, etcetera. Through this cloud platform we achieve two things - the hard disk space is actually endless due to the fact that we're able install as many servers and hard disk drives to our clusters as required, and we boost the performance of every single machine since only one type of processes will run on it. This tailor-made setup will enable you to enlarge your web sites as you see fit without worrying about not having enough hard disk space.
Disk Space in VPS Web Hosting
The disk storage that we offer with our virtual private servers is different according to the package that you choose at the time you sign up. With a more powerful server, you will be able to conveniently operate lots of sites, that means additional content, which means that the superior the VPS package, the more hard drive space you'll have at your disposal. Switching from one plan to another will take a couple of clicks and it will not involve any kind of service interruption. Your site databases, files and emails will share the overall amount of space your server contains, still if you'd like to have preset quotas, you'll be able to pick cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel throughout the ordering process. Both tools will allow you to set up hosting accounts with restricted hdd space and if necessary, even to share out space from one account to a different one. Using the third alternative that you can find on the order page, the Hepsia Control Panel, all domains will share the storage space.